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KEY%20to%20Project%203%20for%20Summer%202009 - CHEMISTRY...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEMISTRY 3613 PROJECT #3 SUMMER 2009 NAMES: kflfi 1. Give the sequence of steps you’d use for the synthesis below: — V Nale; vii/”3L0 0| 5‘. CH3 5r- 5; lazw‘d- Cia- ' a} Wm“- és¢p§£¢fld9fi4q PM form a radical addition polymer. Give the repeat unit for that polymer. in .1? «f y) _p (1,4619 mama—4: PA 2 "<29 ‘iflfifgpa/tmm o - whmj W] 3. One of the isomers with molecular formula C6H14 is treated with C12 and light to give alkyl halides with formula C5H13Cl. Which correctly identifies this isomer if it forms as products 4 constitutional isomers, one containing one stereogenic center and another product with two stereogenic centers? The other two products are achiral. we}... 2» Of 5&8. [Sf/I />< >1 4. Draw the major monobromination product .9 when the alkane below is heated with 31.2.3515qu _ (CH3)3CCH2CH3 + Bl‘z With heating 9 ? ,OK/th‘t’s) ““91 H296;(vé AafiOUE—v‘mmw‘” U.) ¥A 6+5“ 0 a gut W gamma/ire" So at 1' Ole ...
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