ME 367 HW1 Common Mistakes

ME 367 HW1 Common Mistakes - dimensions. Show your steps...

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COMMON MISTAKES, HW 1. Graded by Sehribani Ulusoy -Not giving the reference (ex. viscosity, from which Table or graph vs.) -Lack of FBD, governing equation, etc. -NOT SHOWING ALL STEPS on all questions. .. -In 1.29: K =5/9 R not 9/5 R To is in the square root in the equation so K or R should be in square root The number in front of the At.Po/To^1/2 should be changed when the units are converted to BG. -In 1.45: The uncertainty in viscosity is not equal to the uncertainty in the temperature -In 1.18: "Use mass as a primary dimension" means that mass should be shown in your units while indicating the
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Unformatted text preview: dimensions. Show your steps while obtaining the unit for a dimension (power=force.distance etc. ..) -In 1.20: 1 m= 3.28 ft & 1 m^2=(3.28)^2. ft^2 -In 1.10: Show why Fd=mg Acceleration is not constant so you cannot use V=Vo +a.t In order to get velocity profile or time, you should solve the differential equation(DE) or take the integral of each side by using the appropriate limits/ Boundary Conditions -In 1.33: All terms in the equation should be the same. -lbf & lbm are different...
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