MATH 352 Syllabus

MATH 352 Syllabus - Spring 2008 Probability and Statistics...

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1 UNR * MATH/STAT 352 * Spring 2008 * Syllabus Instructor: Ilya Zaliapin Spring 2008 Probability and Statistics (MATH/STAT 352) 3 credits William J. Raggio Building (WRB) Room 2003 TR 1:00-2:15 PM Instructor: Ilya Zaliapin Office: Ansari Business Bldg., Room 609 Office hours: TR 11:00-noon + 4:00-5:00PM + by appt Phone: (775) 784-6077 E-mail: TA: Renee Torres Office: Ansari Business Bldg., Room 632 E-mail: Course info is available via WebCT ( ) Intro: The use of probability models and statistical methods for data analysis has become common practice in virtually all scientific disciplines. This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of probability and statistics emphasizing their language, essential ideas, and concepts. We will discuss the foundations of probability theory, basic description statistics, graphical representation of data, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analyses. Working with a statistical package MINITAB will give you an opportunity to see how the concepts discussed in the class are applied to the real data sets. Required textbook: Navidi, William (2007) Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 2 nd ed., McGraw Hill. Required statistical package: MINITAB – available in the Math Center (AB610) free of charge. You can borrow it for $30 per 5 month at . The package will be required for selected homeworks. Required scientific calculator: A calculator that will add, subtract, multiply, divide, compute factorials, and raise numbers to powers is required for the course. You do not need built-in statistical functions. The Math Center might be able to provide you with a calculator if you do not own and do not want to buy one. Tentative list of topics: Probability experiments Random events, sample spaces Random variables, discrete and continuous distributions Quantitative measures of location and variability Exploratory data analysis, statistical plots
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MATH 352 Syllabus - Spring 2008 Probability and Statistics...

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