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ME 303 F09 Lab3

ME 303 F09 Lab3 - ME303 MathCAD Lab#3 Paul Laca September 8...

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ME303 Paul Laca MathCAD Lab #3 September 8, 2009 The purpose of this exercise is to introduce various functions available in MathCAD. Items covered include: built-in functions, root finding functions and procedures, user defined functions, logical functions, and an introduction to the Mcad programming language. Note: All lab tutorial submissions must be formatted as specified in tutorial #1 (10 pts). 1. Built-in Functions (5%) . MathCAD has a very large library of built-in functions ranging from common ones such as sin(x) and e x to the exotic. These can be accessed via [ insert, function ] or the f(x) speed button on the math tool bar. In addition to the list under category “all”, check out “Numerical recipes” (if it is available). Bessel functions are the solution to Bessel’s differential equation, which is often associated with physical phenomena described in a cylindrical coordinate system. Check out J o (x), the zero-th order Bessel function of the 1-st kind. Plot the function for –10 < x 10. You can find out more about this function, or in some cases the algorithm that MCAD uses to generate it by clicking on the [ ?
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