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AEM 335 International Technology Marketing of Biotechnology Final May 13, 2008 DEFINITIONS (5 points each) 1. Hedging 2. Credence attributes 3. Whole food value 4. Protocol SHORT ANSWER (10 points each) 5. One of the risks of international transactions is exchange rate risk. Everything else equal, what means of technology transfer will minimize the effects of exchange rate risks in your delayed ripening tomato business plan? 6. How are the food safety concepts of ‘substantial equivalents’ and ‘GRAS’ related?
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LONG ANSWER (20 points each; please answer 3 of 4) 7. In class we discussed a number of opinion surveys regarding the safety of GM foods and their labeling for various parts of the world but little about where opinions should be sampled. For your tomato delayed ripening project, please discuss whose opinions should be known and for what particular purposes. 8. India is in the process of developing its labeling requirements for GM foods, which will have implications for your delayed ripening tomatoes. Please a) state your preference as a
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AEM_335_final_exam_2008 - AEM 335 International Technology...

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