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Community Property – Outline Threshold Questions 1. Valid Marriage a. Requirements: i. Licensing ii. Solemnization iii. Authentication 2. Putative Marriages a. Definition: 2251. Status of putative spouse (a) If a determination is made that a marriage is void or voidable and the court finds that either party or both parties believed in good faith that the marriage was valid, the court shall: (1) Declare the party or parties to have the status of a putative spouse. (2) If the division of property is in issue, divide that property acquired during the union which would have been community property or quasi-community property if the union had not been void or voidable. This property is known as “ quasi- marital property ”. (b) If the court expressly reserves jurisdiction, it may make the property division at a time after the judgment. b. Good faith belief in the valid marriage is an objective standard, i.e.: average reasonable person. 3. Expressed / Implied contracts between nonmarital partners a. Marvin v. Marvin rule: i. The provisions of the FLA do not govern the distribution of property acquired during a nonmarital relationship; such a relationship remains subject solely to judicial decision. ii. (express contracts) The courts should enforce express contracts between nonmarital partners except to the extent that the contract is explicitly founded on the consideration of meretricious sexual services. iii. (implied contracts) In the absence of an express contract, the courts should inquire into the conduct of the parties to determine whether that conduct demonstrates an implied contract, agreement of partnership or joint venture, or some other tacit understanding between the parties. The courts may also employ the doctrine of quantum meruit, or equitable remedies such as constructive or resulting trusts, when warranted by the facts of the case. b. Marvin v. Marvin is treated CONTRACTUALLY, no FC applies to nonmarried cohabitants. 1
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Community Property – Outline Marital Domicile Characterization of property acquired while domiciled outside California 125. Quasi-community property "Quasi-community property" means all real or personal property, wherever situated, acquired before or after  the operative date of this code in any of the following ways: (a) By either spouse while domiciled elsewhere which would have been community property if the  spouse who acquired the property had been domiciled in this state at the time of its acquisition. (b) In exchange for real or personal property, wherever situated, which would have been community  property if the spouse who acquired the property so exchanged had been domiciled in this state at  the time of its acquisition. 1.
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community_property_outline(bollinger) - Community Property...

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