2) Evidence-Harvard-Brewer-Fall2005

2) Evidence-Harvard-Brewer-Fall2005 - Another law school...

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Unformatted text preview: Another law school course outline brought to you by: The Internet Legal Research Group http://www.ilrg.com ILRG Law School Course Outlines Archive http://outlines.ilrg.com LawRunner: A Legal Research Tool http://www.lawrunner.com OUTLINE DETAILS: School: Harvard Law School Course: Evidence Year: Fall, 2005 Professor: Scott Brewer Text: Evidence, Cases and Materials, 10 th Edition (University Casebook Series) Text Authors: Jon R. Waltz, Roger C. Park NOTICE: This outline is copyright 2006 by Maximilian Ventures, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. This outline, in whole or in part, may not be reproduced or redistributed without the written permission of the copyright holder. A limited license for personal academic use is permitted, as described below. This outline may not be posted on any other web site without permission. ILRG reserves the exclusive right to distribute this outline. THIS OUTLINE IS SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS LOCATED AT: http://www.ilrg.com/terms . USAGE NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: Although the Internet Legal Research Group has tried to assemble the best possible outlines, WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES AS TO THE ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION THIS OUTLINE CONTAINS. THIS OUTLINE IS PROVIDED TO YOU AS-IS. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND DO NOT RELY ON IT FOR LEGAL ADVICE. IF YOU NEED LEGAL HELP, PLEASE CONTACT A QUALIFIED ATTORNEY IN YOUR JURISDICTION. As this outline has been written by a law student, it may contain inaccurate information. Furthermore, some law schools have policies that permit law students to take outlines into final exams so long as the student actually wrote the outline. If your law school has such a policy, you are expressly prohibited from representing any of the outlines contained in this archive as your own. If you are not sure of your law school's policy, you should contact the appropriate staff at your school. Otherwise, the Internet Legal Research Group genuinely hopes you derive benefit from this outline. legalforms.ilrg.com Page 1 of 56 Evidence Fall 2005 A. Relevance (Part I ) 1. Keywords: inference, admissibility, weight, sufficiency, pragmatic relevance, logical relevance, evidentiary enthymemes 2. Rules : a. 102 Purpose and Construction i.These rules shall be construed to ensure fairness in administration, elimination of unjustifiable expense and delay, and promotion of growth and development of the law of evidence to the end that the truth may be ascertained and proceedings justly determined. b. 104 Preliminary Questions i.104(a) Questions of Admissibility Generally: Preliminary questions concerning the qualification of a person to be a witness, the existence of a privilege , or the admissibility of evidence shall be determined by the court, subject to the provisions of subdivision (b). In making its determination it is not bound by the rules of evidence except those with respect to privileges ....
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2) Evidence-Harvard-Brewer-Fall2005 - Another law school...

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