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Mutual Assent Flow Chart - Direct Indirect Battle of the...

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Power of Acceptance (§36 How to terminate POA) Bilateral 1. Revocation §87(2) Drennan 2. Counter Offer $2-205 Firm Offer 3. Rejection Traditional Opt.K 4. Lapse of Time Unilateral Cook = Substantial Performance Tradiationl Opt. K §45 = partial performance Mutual Assent Offer Acceptance Mailbox Rule Counter Offer Option K (prevents revocation ) Revocation
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Unformatted text preview: Direct Indirect Battle of the Forms §2-207 Unilateral Contract – Need Complete Performance Mirror Image = General Rule Common Law CISG Art 16,18 NOTE: Voluntary Agreement = Ray case provides a particular set of circumstances, no MA (Test that came out of Ray) NOTE: Objective Theory: governs all of this Common Law...
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