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CIS 114 Introduction to Computer Science II Textbook: The correct book for the class is the book by Drake that the bookstore is selling. Due to some confusion in the CS department the wrong book was ordered for instructors. The bookstore has the correct book. Instructor: Wallace Rutkowski email: [email protected] office: INFO 2403 phone: 973-596-5483 Grading: There will be two in-class midterms and a final examination. Remember that all students taking 114 must also register for a lab section 114A. Final grade will be
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Unformatted text preview: computed as: Midterm 1 (Feb 26) 20% Midterm 2 (April 8) 20% Lab 25% Final 35% Tentative Schedule of Topics: Class Topics 1 Java review. 2,3 Arrays, linked lists, recursion. 4 Complexity analysis. 5. First midterm 6, 7 Stacks and Queues. 8 Lists and iterators. 9, 10 Trees. 11 Second midterm. 12 Maps, dictionaries. 13 Mergesort, Quicksort, Heapsort. 14 Graphs. 15 Review for Final Examination...
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