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final test_1 - ,8 If L1 admires Sarah than Sarah is a good...

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Unformatted text preview: ,8. If L1 admires Sarah, than Sarah is a good person b The sovemmentwill remain in power Oniyif fthgcmllmhflgén—tufllé. C. If Allie has paid attention in class, she won’t have to cram tor the exam. 5. Structure the argument contained in each of the following passages. Be sure to (l) label and list the premises and conclusion (rephrasing if necessary) and (ii) provide “awtree diagram of the relationship _» etween the premises and conclusion. (_=fii24)__ "".‘"’"""- (2-1....— ._..-. mu.- .1...__.._..-....-... and since it’s not wise _ P . , -.. iv . . b-(if gou want to be hail; you’ ve got to have ood friends. But you can ’t have 0d en ess ‘ 'n social si 5. So, 1f you 0 want to Be happy, on. ave to learn to be some y sen51 1 25:.417ame each of the following deductive argument forms, and say whether it is valid. 24) ' . _ -—-._qq, Therefore, A a. 1m, thenB - b; 1fA,thenB A i If B then C Therefore, B 1 Therefore, 1f A then C c. IfA, then B a ' 5.. 1m, then B Not~A ‘ ' ,’ B l .' Therefore, not-B 7. What is the general form of an inference to the best explanation? (=l/24) 8. What is the general form of an inductive generalization? (=1/24) f' t ...
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