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PHIL 2003A_first test - PHIL 2003A Critical Thinking 1....

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PHIL 2003A Critical Thinking 1. What is an argument? An argument is the linguistic expression of an inference. It consists of a series of statements, some of which are intended to support another. 2. What makes an argument logically strong? An argument that whose premises really do support its conclusion well is logically strong. 3. What makes an argument sound? An argument that is logically and has all true premises is sound. 4. For each of the following examples, say whether the underlined statement is being asserted as a necessary or sufficient condition. a. If Li admires Sarah, then Sarah is a good person . NECESSARY condition. b. The government will remain in power only if the opposition parties don’t unite . NECESSARY condition. c. If Allie has paid attention in class , she won’t have to cram for the exam. SUFFICIENT condition. 5. Structure the argument contained in each of the following passages. Be sure to (i) label and list the premises and conclusion (rephrasing if necessary) and (ii) provide a tree diagram of the relationship between the premises and conclusion. a. Since low carbohydrate diets are notoriously difficult to maintain, and since Health Canada recommends eating an ample amount of daily grains, it’s not wise to jump on the low carbohydrate diet bandwagon. P
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PHIL 2003A_first test - PHIL 2003A Critical Thinking 1....

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