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1a)state in one sentence the key difference between low and high level languages. High level is the way humans think, low level is closer to how machines work b) in a couple of words, state an advantage and disadvantage of low level languages advantage: efficient code disadvantage: difficult to code [4marks] there is something wrong with the following code. state what is wrong and write a replacement that does the same thing. sub word ptr [SI],[BX] cannot perform operations from memory to memory mov SI,[SI] sub SI,[BX] The following code is buggy! State what is wrong and write your corrections on the side (note: the following code stores the contents of the index th element in array into AL) .data array dw 100 dup(?) index db ? .code ... mov BX,array mov AL,index*2+[BX] lea BX,array mov AL,[BX+index*2] What are the conditions required for interrupts to happen? [2marks] Why, for externally declared subroutines and/or variables, do we have to declare the type (extrn: proc/byte)? [3marks] To tell the compiler to ignore them as the linker will link them later. To tell the linker to look for the definitions of those items outside the current file. Fill in the blanks for a .lst file (whether directives take up memory, how do conditional jumps work, how many bytes do some commands take up, how the compiler refers to variables and EQUs in memory) array dw dw dw dw ... num db Initialise num such that even if we add or take away a random number of elements in an array, num contains the correct number of elements in the array mov num, (num-array)/2
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Latency is the time between the happening of an event and the execution of the corresponding interrupt. Does a higher priority interrupt have a lower latency than a lower priority one? Explain. [3marks]
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sysc3006summer2005_first - 1a)state in one sentence the key...

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