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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Mutational dissection Mutational...

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Mutational dissection Mutational analysis is a way to discover genes involved in a biological process. Process usually involves application of a mutagen followed by screening or selection for mutants with variant phenotypes. Mutations that reduce or eliminate gene function are called loss-of-function. Mutations that increase gene activity or create novel activity are called gain-of-function. Mutational analysis Powerful tool for studying biological processes forward genetics : identification of mutants and descriptions of their heritable phenotypes precedes molecular analysis of products reverse genetics : based on genome sequences, gene of potential interest is mutated and the phenotype of mutated gene is studied Components of mutational dissection •Not all possible mutations of gene can be recovered for analysis –both mutagen and nature of gene contribute to its target size , the ability to produce useful mutations –goal is to saturate for mutations, identifying all genes that affect the biological process •Steps in mutational analysis –selection of mutagen –assay system –genetic and phenotypic characterization of mutations Selection of mutagen •Random vs directed approaches •Choice of mutagen depends upon ability of mutagen to give rise to mutations with effect on phenotype, whether in coding region or in regulatory region •Mutagenicity depends on many factors –uptake and toxicity to cells –sex and species differences –prokaryote vs eukaryote Types of mutagens •Base-substitution mutagens –high rates of transitions –alkylating agents best in some systems –base analogs best in some systems
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Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Mutational dissection Mutational...

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