Fieldwork and Ethics

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Unformatted text preview: Research Doing Ethnography Ethnography "Ethnography is a research process in which the anthropologist closely observes, records, and engages in the daily life of another culture--an experience labeled as the fieldwork method--and then writes accounts of this culture, emphasizing descriptive detail" (Marcus and Fischer as quoted in Kottak 2005: 25) Fieldwork Choosing a Site Entering the Field Adapting to the field Establishing Rapport Gathering Data in the Field How Gossip Casual Conversations Interviews Surveys Photography Mapping Archival research Participant observation From Whom Informants not subjects Key informants/key cultural consultants Emic vs. Etic perspectives Gathering Data What to collect Genealogies Life histories Demographic information "thick description" Analyzing Data Quantifiable data vs qualitative data "thick description" vs Statistical analysis; Ethics Obligations toward American Anthropological Association the "triple A" Code of Ethics The discipline of Anthropology Our culture The peoples whose lives we study ...
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