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Kinship and Descent

Kinship and Descent - Kinship and Descent Functions of a...

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Unformatted text preview: Kinship and Descent Functions of a Kinship System Organizes people into groups Directs people's behaviors One way in which status is determined Ascribed status vs. achieved status Provides security for its members Descent Groups A group of individuals that share an identity traceable to a common ancestor Unilineal Descent Groups Lineage a group that can trace its consanguineal ancestry back several generations to a specific individual Patrilineage matrilineage Descent Groups Nonunilineal Descent Groups Other Forms Bilateral descent Kindred includes Ego's consanguineal relatives on both his/her mother's and father's side Double descent Ambilineal descent Associations Based on Descent Clan Moiety Group consisting of 2 or more lineages that share a common ancestor in a mythical past Totem mythical ancestor or symbol Phatry group of more than 1 clan Divides a society in half Kinship Terminology Kinship Terms designate culturally constructed social relationships between individuals Terminology Systems: Eskimo Iroquois Hawaiian Fictive Kin ...
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