Molecular Bio Review

How to succeed in mcb 3416 attend lectures and arrive

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Unformatted text preview: on time!! Attend extra help hours. Ask questions during lecture. Check Vista regularly. Don't procrastinate! Forensic Applications of DNA Science MCB 3416...From Crime Scene to Courtroom!!! w * Purpose of DNA Typing in Forensic Science Purpose of DNA Typing in Forensic Science For crimes - victim and suspect For paternity who's the daddy? For identification of a body mitochondrial DNA Y Chromosome STRs Plant and soil identification Human Identity Testing 2 Types: Mitochondrial Y Chromosome- STRs Mitochondrial DNA in Forensic Analysis Reconstruct maternal lineages, missing persons, e.g. 1,000-10,000 more copies than nuclear DNA helps when minimal sample available or DNA is degraded ,PDJH IURP ZZZ SHRSOH YLUJLQLD HGX aUMK X PLWRGQDIRUHQVLF KWPO Y Chromosome STRs [Short Tandem Repeats] Summary of the Process of DNA Typing with STRs %LRORJ\ Some examples of uses of Y-STR analysis: 6DPSOH 2EWDLQHG IURP &ULPH 6FHQH RU 3DWHUQLW\ ,QYHVWLJDWLRQ '1$ '1$ ([WUDFWLRQ ([WUDFWLRQ '1$ '1$ 4XDQWLWDWLRQ 4XDQWLWDWLRQ 7HFKQRORJ\ 3&5 $PSOLILFDWLRQ 3&5 $PSOLILFDWLRQ RI 0XOWLSOH 675 PDUNHUV RI 0XOWLSOH 675 PDUNHUV Reconstruct paternal lineages (Jefferson, e.g.) Paternity of a son Individualizing male DNA from a crime scene 6HSDUDWLRQ DQG 'HWHFWLRQ RI 3&5 3URGXFWV 675 $OOHOHV 6DPSOH *HQRW\SH 'HWHUPLQDWLRQ &RPSDULVRQ RI 6DPSOH *HQRW\SH WR 2WKHU 6DPSOH 5HVXOWV *HQHWLFV *HQHUDWLRQ RI &DVH 5HSRUW ZLWK 3UREDELOLW\ RI 5DQGRP 0DWFK Butler, Figure 1.2 ,I PDWFK RFFXUV FRPSDULVRQ RI '1$ SURILOH WR SRSXODWLRQ GDWDEDVHV DNA in the Cell Sources of Biological Evidence chromosome cell nucleus Double stranded DNA molecule Target Region for PCR %ORRG 7LVVXH 6HPHQ 6DOLYD 8ULQH +DLU 7HHWK %RQH )HFHV 'DQGUXII Individual nucleotides DNA Extraction Brief (Butler, Fig. 3.1/3.2) Organic Adv. = HMW DNA Disadv. = Increased risk of contamination/error Quantification of DNA Verify the quantity and quality of DNA / / / Chelex Adv. = no PCR inhibitors/little chance of error or contamination Disadv. = produces ssDNA so restricted...
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