Molecular Bio Review

Molecular bio review

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Unformatted text preview: MCB 3416 Forensic Application of DNA Science Dr. Carll Ladd - Instructor Dr. Michael Bourke Instructor Bo Pietraszkiewicz (TA) Ranyelle Craig (TA) Course Objectives Forensic methods of DNA typing STRs, mitochondrial, and Y-Chromosome Electropherogram Interpretation Casework interpretation Paternity Testing Plant and soil typing Statistical Evaluation of Results Courtroom and Ethical Considerations Contact Information Contact Information Dr. Carll Ladd Dr. Michael Bourke Bo Pietraszkiewicz Beach Hall room 346 Ranyelle Craig Beach Hall room 346 HuskyCT Vista This course is available on HuskyCT: In most cases, lectures will be posted AFTER class. Notes will available for you. Answer keys will be posted shortly after the assignment is due. Syllabus will be updated weekly with current readings and assignments. Grading Final Project 34% of your total grade Consists of: There will be quizzes both announced AND unannounced!! Given at the beginning of class NO LATER!! Assignments may NOT be submitted electronically!! Case work homework reports Mid-term Exam Final Project and Presentation 2 progress reports This portion is NOT a group assignment! Primary research from forensics literature Power point presentation Group presentation during finals week Extra Help Discussion Sections Academic Misconduct There will be extra help sections set up during the week, held by the TA's to assist you with homework or questions Not mandatory...... but very helpful Beach Hall room 209, Tuesdays at 3:304:30 & Wednesdays at 10:30-11:30am. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. Student Student Student Text Resource, etc. Any violation of the UConn Academic Code of Conduct will result in a 0 for all parties involved, and meeting with the MCB Academic Misconduct Officer. How to Succeed in MCB 3416! Attend lectures, and arrive...
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