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Molecular Bio Review

Molecular Bio Review - MCB 3416 Forensic Application of DNA...

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MCB 3416 – Forensic Application of DNA Science Dr. Carll Ladd - Instructor Dr. Michael Bourke - Instructor Bo Pietraszkiewicz (TA) Ranyelle Craig (TA) Course Objectives g Forensic methods of DNA typing – STRs, mitochondrial, and Y-Chromosome g Electropherogram Interpretation g Casework interpretation g Paternity Testing g Plant and soil typing g Statistical Evaluation of Results g Courtroom and Ethical Considerations Contact Information g Bo Pietraszkiewicz [email protected] Beach Hall room 346 g Ranyelle Craig [email protected] Beach Hall room 346 Contact Information g Dr. Carll Ladd [email protected] g Dr. Michael Bourke [email protected] HuskyCT Vista g This course is available on HuskyCT: http://www.webct.uconn.edu/webct/entryPageIns.dowebct g In most cases, lectures will be posted AFTER class. Notes will available for you. g Answer keys will be posted shortly after the assignment is due. g Syllabus will be updated weekly with current readings and assignments.
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Grading g There will be quizzes – both announced AND unannounced!! Given at the beginning of class – NO LATER!! g Assignments may NOT be submitted electronically!! g Case work homework reports g Mid-term Exam g Final Project and Presentation Final Project g 34% of your total grade g Consists of: g 2 progress reports G This portion is NOT a group assignment! g Primary research from forensics literature g Power point presentation g Group presentation during finals week Extra Help – Discussion Sections g There will be extra help sections set up during the week, held by the TA’s to assist you with homework or questions g Not mandatory…… but very helpful g Beach Hall room 209, Tuesdays at 3:30- 4:30 & Wednesdays at 10:30-11:30am. Academic Misconduct g http://web.uconn.edu/mcb201/misconduct.html g Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. g Student – Student g Student – Text Resource, etc. g Any violation of the UConn Academic Code of Conduct will result in a 0 for all parties involved, and meeting with the MCB Academic Misconduct Officer. How to Succeed in MCB 3416! g Attend lectures, and arrive on time!! g Attend extra help hours.
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