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STATE AND NATIONAL DNA DATABASES: CODIS Division Scientific Services CT Forensic Science Laboratory Dr. Michael Bourke 203-639-6441 [email protected] How Does it Work? c Convicted Offender Database c Forensic Database Compares the DNA profiles from forensic samples to known profiles in the convicted offender DNA database. c Missing Persons Database Unidentified Human Remains Deduced Knowns Relatives of Missing Compares the DNA profiles from unID remains and Deduced Knowns to relatives of missing and CO FBI’s CODIS DNA Database Co mbined D NA I ndex S ystem c Used for linking serial crimes and unsolved cases with repeat offenders c Launched October 1998 c Links all 55 states (FBI, PR, Army, DC, and Guam) c Employs 13 core STR markers All 13 for Convicted Offender samples Minimum of 10 for Forensic Unknowns The CT State Convicted Offender DNA Database c What are its uses? Forensic/Offender Matches c Sexual Assaults 1 in 3 No-Suspect c All Other Crimes Homicide, Assault, Robbery, Burglary Threatening Letters, Crim. Misch. Common Types of Evidence Semen – SA Kits, used Condoms Blood – Point of Entry Saliva – Straws, Cups, Expectorant Cigarette butts Swabbings of masks, gloves, etc. Touch Items Envelopes – Threats, Powder Connecticut Database Current Status 61,713 +/- Offenders Collected 41,222 +/- Offenders Processed -Backlog up until March contracted to Lab. Corp target completion date April 2009 -Samples received April and forward will be processed at the CT Lab 800 +/- Offender samples/month started March 1, 2004 2883 Forensic profiles entered
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What Samples are in the CT CODIS Database Convicted Offender Samples All Felony Convictions (10-01-03) Offender sample submissions to the laboratory rise from 50 to 2500 /mo last month-received ~ 800 Forensic Profiles Any DNA profile from an evidentiary sample that does not match the victim, an elimination known, or is a possession of the suspect (own blood on own shirt) CT Database Hit Statistics c 895 Hits / Investigations Aided no suspect sexual assaults Burglary, Armed Robbery case to case “hits” c In 2008, CT DNA Database is generating approximately 2.5 “hits” per working day. CT Database Hit Statistics c 0 - 250 Database Matches First Database match in November 1995 Hit 250 November 2005 A full decade c 251 - 500 Database Matches November 2005 – August 2007 22 months 501 – 1000 Database Matches September 2007 – December 2008 15 months Match Stringency Can be described at either the locus or profile level High All alleles between the target and candidate profiles match
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