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8 m q c 21 m d soil 1 soil 2 73 39 m b w a figure

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Unformatted text preview: ctor of safety is given by Equation 9.12 F pti:e: 1:5 0 tan 0 sat tan 9:2 tan 36 19 tan ; tan 0:234 13 Water table well below surface; the factor of safety is given by Equation 9.11 tan 0 tan tan 36 tan 13 3:1 tan 36 (b) 0d tan1 30 1:25 F Depth of potential failure surface z Design resisting moment per unit area; Rd u tan 0 0 z cos2 tan 0d 9:2 z cos2 13 tan 30 5:04z kN Design disturbing moment per unit area; Sd sat sin cos 19 z sin 13 cos 13 4:16z kN Rd > Sd , therefore the limit state for overall stability is satisfied....
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