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EGYPT : First Intermediate Period : 2181-2040 BC Powerful family in Herkleopolis, south of Memphis This family holds South, provides stability, promotes Egyptian literature New family in Thebes as competitors, 2150 BC Second Millennium Includes : Middle Kingdom, 2040-1780 B.C. Second Intermediate Period, 1750-1550 B.C. New Kingdom, 1550-1100 B.C. Middle Kingdom : Theban family in control Significant kings: Mentuhotep II, Amenemhet I Elevation of god Amon – local Theban god Administrative capital – It-tawy Religious capital – Thebes Irrigation projects in Faiyum Period of commercial and culture imperialism + expansion – trade routes, Territorial expansion Middle Kingdom Changes in Religious and social attitudes : Decline in emphasis on material wealth Shift towards social action “Dawn of social consciousness” Emphasis on Ma’at – harmony, correct living Democratization of next world – idea that everyone had a chance at a happy afterlife
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Unformatted text preview: Sinuhe – story about a good king, how a king should act, helping his people, shepherd of his people, Collapse of the Middle Kingdom : • External threats • Hyksos move into Egypt Second Intermediate Period : • By 1730 Hyksos in power • Subject to foreigners for the first time • A “barbaric domination” • New elements of war – horse + chariot, new types of swords and daggers, • Scribes – copied Egyptian literature, • Worshipped Egyptian gods, didn’t close and in fact restored some Egyptian temples, didn’t impose their gods over Egyptians, • Introduced the lyre • Used Egyptian hieroglyphics • Hyksos where likely semitic peoples who migrated out of southern palestine • Yet, dynasties still competing • Thebes still holding some power • Theban dynasty expels Hyksos @ 1550 BC...
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