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Second Millennium Mesopotamia 2000 to 1000 BC Period of great transformation Israelites and Greek become important in second millennium Old Babylonian Empire : Amorites – take over Mesopotamian city-states Babylon the capital Rises to prominence under Hammurabi Hammurabi : Good general Diplomat Ruled 42 years (@1792 to 1750 BC) Consolidated much of Mesopotamia under his rule Hammurabi’s Law Code : Earliest known example of a ruler proclaiming publicly to his people an entire body of laws Longest surviving text from Old Babylonia Almost completely preserved Carved on a black stone monument, 2.25 meters high Placed in public view Stone found in the year 1901, not in Babylon, but in Susa in Iran (where it had been carried off as a trophy) Multiple copies found across Mesopotamian world, including Nineveh
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