notes 5 - • Most famous biblical Tower of Babel now gone...

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Sphinx: Comes from word being “living image” Body of lion with a human head Situated on spiky spur of limestone (most likely sculpted on site from that limestone) 57 meters long, 20 meters high Image of the king, guardian of necropolis Excavation of Sphinx began 1500 BC, it probably dates to around 2600 BC Portrait Statues : Khafre – carved out of a hard stone called diorite Menkaure and Wife – carved out of slate, Sumerian Art and Architecture : Scanty remains Architecture of mudbrick and wood Few decorated tombs Religious people Temple as administrative center Temple as center of both spiritual and physical existence Ziggurats : Temples built on platforms called ziggurats As effective landmarks as the pyramids
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Unformatted text preview: • Most famous, biblical Tower of Babel, now gone “ White Temple ”: • Earliest ziggurat • 3000 BC • At Uruk • 40 feet • Bent access approach – winding staircase around ziggurat, approaching God in a less arrogant sort of way – humble, Ziggurat of Ur : • King Ur-Nammu • In Ur • 2100 BC • 50 feet high • Dedicated to moon god Gods and Goddesses : • Ea / Enki – god of water and fertile earth, one of the gods responsible for creating humanity • Enlil – god of the air, • Anu – god of the sky • Ishtar – goddess of love and war • Shamash – god of the sun and justice, decrees the fate of the dead • Adad – thunder god...
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  • Sumer, Uruk, physical existence Ziggurats, BC Portrait Statues, Bent access approach, necropolis · Excavation of Sphinx

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notes 5 - • Most famous biblical Tower of Babel now gone...

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