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Pre-Old Kingdom : Namer – first king of unified Egypt The Narmer Palette – oldest Egyptian art, 3100 BC “earliest surviving image of a historic personage identified by name” Ceremonial slate / slab The back depicts Narmar as a victor about to club someone, Falcon (symbol of Horus) perched on papyrus (symbol of lower Egypt), Falcon clutches a human head on a tether (symbolizing the bondage of lower Egypt) The top front depicts Narmer walking behind flag bearers (or “standard bearers”) toward a depiction of a headless, defeated army. The bottom front depicts Narmer as a bull attacking a ring of swords symbolizing a fortress / city. Old Kingdom : Mastaba – early form of royal tomb, made out of mud bricks, positioned over site of tomb, job was to preserve and protect the underlying tomb, Stepped Pyramid King Djoser 2670 BC, Saqqara (just south of Cairo, west of Memphis) Architect – Imhotep – first recorded architect
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Unformatted text preview: Had additional outer buildings and such, but they no longer survive Pyramids, Old Kingdom : Fourth Dynasty At Giza, 2600 BC 3 pyramids: o Khufu / Cheops Egyptian name, followed by Greek name o Khafre / Chephren o Menkaure / Mycerinus Square base, sloping sides Built to protect the tomb of the king, real tomb is in the ground underneath Khufu / Cheops Pyramid : Reined for 23 year Interested in arts and protecting Egypt from outside invaders Biggest of 3 pyramids Has 3 satellite pyramids for his queens / noble women Khafre / Chephren : Slightly smaller than Khufus, but built on higher ground so looks bigger, sharper angle of triangle faces Sides are 250 meters Only one with limestone cap remaining Menkaure / Mycerinus : Smallest of the pyramids Has 3 satellite pyramids for his queens / noble women...
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