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Odyssey 100208 - ii Stand up to the suitor by addressing...

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Ancient History 10/02/08 The Odyssey, Background Work ad Story 1. Homeric Epic (Iliad, Odyssey) and history 2. Dark Age, 1100-776 BC 3. Date of Homeric Epic, bards, and tradition 4. Themes of The Odyssey a. Adventure b. Family c. Identity d. Fate e. Struggle btw the gods and the humans f. Creating a relationship btw humans g. The Odyssey is a story of a Greek King of Ithaca and hero of the Trojan War, Odysseus, journeys home. i. Who angered the gods 5. What is a story of? 6. “Odyssey” nostos – a journey home a. A journey that is emotional 7. Odyssey a. Poem b. Structure of Books 1-12 i. Book 1-4- Telemachus 1. Meet Odysseus through other characters; Athena, Telemachus, Posideon 2. Suitors are insulting Odysseus ii. Book 5- meet Odysseus iii. Book 6- iv. Book 7 v. Book 8- SKIP vi. Book 9-12- flashbacks c. Character of Odysseus d. Character of Telemachus (~20 years old) i. Takes a journey (physical and emotional)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Stand up to the suitor by addressing them in a meeting iii. Nestor told him that he looks like his father as well as stories about his father e. Character of Penelope f. Key Issues i. Identity ii. Ethnics, justice, friendship iii. Hospitality (xenia) iv. Role of the gods. Divine intervention v. Role of women Dark Ages-We do not know very much about it (not a lot of literature produced at that time)-No writing system-All form of writing cease -Writing will begin again Greek-Weakness, economic instability, poverty Iliad and the Odyssey were not written until 750 and 725 BC-composed 100s of years ago by oral tradition by songwriters/storytellers Period that began in 776 BC is the Archaic Age-Homer lived thru the Archaic age and might have written the best version of the Odyssey...
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Odyssey 100208 - ii Stand up to the suitor by addressing...

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