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Early Rome 10-30-08 The greenish portion of the timeline 1184 BC Italy Grew out of people tribes, natives People come to Italy for trade because it was rich in metal/land o Produce olives/wine Peoples of Early Italy Romans come in contact with the Greek religion Po valley Latium region where Rome was created in The greeks are one, Etruscans are the other Etruscans lived in northern rome No assembly Etruscan women enjoy more freedom then the rome to come Method of interpreting the will of the gods by examining the entrails of the inside of the birds, divination o Formalized religious people
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Unformatted text preview: • The last 3 kings of Rome are Etruscans (does not mean that they founded Rome) • Palatine hill- earliest evidence of settlement (post holes) ARCHALEOGICAL- on the final! Livy—lived in the 1 st AD • Raya Sivia—mother of Romulus and remus (733 BC) o Locked away from the wicked king/uncle • Mars the father • Tiber river—where romulus/remus were put in the basket • Bronze, 5 th century BC, the oldest artifact of Rome • Romus was killed by his brother • Vergil-1 st century AD o Composed epic—Aeneid • Brutus...
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