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notes 20 - Prophets call for social justice etc • Famous...

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Disintegration of Empire : North Did not recognize Solomon’s son as king Israel, hence Israelites Ten Tribes Capital, Samaria South Judah, hence Jews 2 tribes? Capital, Jerusalem Two kingdoms, ruled separately North: Israel King allows worship of foreign gods – in addition to Yahweh Prophets speak against this – called for righteousness and moral responsibility
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Unformatted text preview: Prophets call for social justice, etc. • Famous prophets: o Elijah 875 o Elisha 850 o Amos 760 o Hosea 750 • Assyria, under Tiglath Pilesar III conquers Israel • By 722 BC Samaria (capital) destroyed • Population killed or deported • Israel repopulated with captives of other lands • New people are called Samaritans • 10 Lost Tribes of Israel...
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