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notes 18 - th century BC during the time of David and...

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Hebrew Bible : Consists of 3 parts: Torah (Law of Moses) The Prophets The Writings / Scriptures Origins, as in Old Testament : Old testament the only source for pre-settlement in Palestine OT fills period between Creation and the Patriarchs (such as Abraham) with stories and genealogies Genesis tells of semi-nomadic, semitic speaking, patriarchal tribes Sometime in 3 rd millennium, Abraham’s father migrates from Ur to Syria 2 nd Millennium : Later migrations telescoped into 3 generations: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Actually lasted for centuries By 1750ish BC, Abraham migrates into land of Canaan Covenant with god Yahweh Stories of Abraham and his family written down finally in 10
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Unformatted text preview: th century BC, during the time of David and Solomon • Settlement in Canaan • No military conquest of Canaan • Subjugated by Egypt during New Kingdom – except at first for Hapiru, who settled in central Palestine; later conquered by Ramses II Flight from Egypt : • Also called Exodus from Egypt, fleeing towards desert of Sinai, 1250ish BC • 2 nd central event in Jewish history • Mt. Sinai, Moses and the Ten Commandments • Yahweh – becomes God of all Hebrews, not just Abraham’s people, made Israelites the “chosen people”, Hebrews Israelites, tribes state...
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