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Persians : Persian Empire lasts 559-330 BC Largest empire in the world at its time Africa to the Balkans, Caucasus Mountains to the Persian Gulf Unification of the Middle East for the first time Background : Iranians Language and origin – Indo-European Homeland central Asia Of the Iranians, most significant groups were the Persians and the Medes Persians eventually subsume the Medes Persians capital Susa in the south Medes, north, Ecbatana (modern Hamadan) Persian Empire : Founder – Cyrus King not a god, but acted as a god Empire included Babylon, Judah, Jerusalem Egypt added next (525 BC) Persian Royal Road (from Susa to Sardis, western Turkey) brings it into contact with Greece – for
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Unformatted text preview: trading and marching armies • Had a great, well trained, well equipped army 332 BC – Egypt conquered by Alexander the Great 30 BC – Egypt conquered by Rome Persian Religion : • Zoroastianism • Struggle between good creator god Ahura Mazda and darkness (evil / untruth) Ahriman • Zoroaster lived @ 1200 BC • Avesta – collection of Zoroaster’s teachings, not his writings • Not monotheistic religion • Mithras – sun god, part of a mystery religion • Impacted later religions – good and evil – Judaism and Christianity...
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