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Ostraka : Thousands of ostraka have been found They include letters, notes, records, and evidence of daily life in the town, (esp litigation – over property and payment) Most are written in hieratic (shorthand hieroglyphics) Individual Tombs of Workers : Tomb of wealthy scribe Private tomb in Deir el-Medina Houses simple, but some chose to have more elaborate tombs Dead buried outside of the city – uses around the road leading out of the city Most tombs were looted Tomb of Sennedjem : Discovered intact, 1886 “servant of Deir el-Medina” Conventional funerary Worked during the reign of Ramses II Fresh, lively art – frescos, spontaneous almost Depicts Sennedjem and wife, and daily life 20 mummies found in tomb – his family Phoenicians : Old cities of Canaan – area around Lebanon and Israel, on coast Not a nation, just a people
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Unformatted text preview: Major cities Tyre and Sidon Land extended from S. Syria to S. Lebanon, or Tarsus to Giza Never formed a single nation Known for: trading routes, mastery of sea, Carthage (founded approx. 1800 BC), (Traded in: silk, metalwork, jewelry, glass), red/purple dye, (alphabet phonetic alphabet, where our alphabet comes from) Prosperous people from all the trading, Aramaeans : Semi-nomadic people, from northest of Syrian desert, settled on fringes of that desert Become prominent because of proximity to other important groups language is adopted by many people a common language Language becomes common language of Ancient Near East Used the Phoenician alphabet No empires, no great kings, no conquering Famous for what they pass on rather than what they impose...
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