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090209 - • Iago plays around with his words “I think...

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09.02.09 What are the individual weaknesses of each character? Cassio loves Desdemona as does Desdemona but in how she loves humankind Iago thinks he is helping Othello by doing this—in a sense Iago getting Rodergio to get into a fight with Cassio Iago stabs Montano and framing Cassio Cassio alcohol is his weakness o Cassio can’t tell the story because he is mortified since he becomes sober up o Montano is wounded o Iago looks like he’s loyal/honest & tells the story (hints at something and pretends it’s the last thing in the world that he wants to say) o Cassio loses his reputation (promotion) & been humiliated o Iago gives Cassio the advice to hang out with Desdemona to get his job back
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Unformatted text preview: • Iago plays around with his words, “I think you think that I love you” o For the longest time, he manages not to lie but to hint/plant/suggest something to someone o The evil villain that looks like he’s good o Knows what he is doing is wrong/evil • Bianca is a minor character but plays a role in setting up in the plot o Parallels/contrast to the main character (helps us understand the major characters fully) • Emilia wisdom, experienced, age • Bianca low-class, lustful, weakness: Cassio • Desdemona youthful, innocent...
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