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082809 - • Big news of the night Othello has secretly...

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Theatre Arts Class Notes 08/28/09 1. Why do we go to the movies or theatre? a. Entertainment i. Keeps our mind occupied on a particular story for a particular time b. Escape/ escapism c. Vicarious experience i. Living thru the characters d. Wish Fulfillment e. Collective social experience f. Curiosity i. Parallels to your own life ii. Seeking insight or knowledge iii. The unknown g. Inspiration h. Understanding i. Relief that your life is not so bad Dramatic Forms (the choice the playwright makes the way they want the audience to feel) Tragedy OTHELLO (by Shakespeare) Shakespeare was a man of theatre, wrote plays for theatre companies He likes to drop the audience into the middle of the action o Usually begins his play with questions (gets the audience engaged) o Usually starts with minor characters Makes the characters exit at the same time so there is no need for scene change
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Starts the play in Venice (can tell where the setting is from the dialog)
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Unformatted text preview: • Big news of the night: Othello has secretly married Desdemona • Othello has just promoted Cassio • Iago is jealous/anger/envy of Cassio o Cassio is young o Has no battlefield experience • Iago & Roderigo wakes up Brabantio o Brabantio thought only Roderigo o Crude language o Iago compares Othello as an animal (horse) • Brabantio believes Othello used black magic to seduce Desdemona • Iago convince many characters to do his bidding o Shares with the audience of what he is going to do o Good at manipulate characters & figures out each of the character’s weakness is • Roderigo’s weakness Desdemona • Othello truly love Desdemona • Othello is the #1 man to the Duke o At war, Turks are coming • Brabantio wants to bring Othello in front of the Duke (in Senate Chamber)...
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082809 - • Big news of the night Othello has secretly...

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