01.22.09 - o P parent generation o Round is dominant to...

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Genetics January 22 nd Figure 3.1 o Relate the behavior of traits to what happen in meiosis o 7 traits that Mendel was working with his pea plants o Yellow/green (seed color) o Wrinkled/round (seed shape) o Pod color o Pod shape o Flower position (axial/terminal) o Short/tall (stem length o Seed coat color o Mendel made sure the environments of the plants were the same o Uniformly fertile soil o Does multiple trials o Mendel starts doing crosses btw the plants o True breeding always gave the same progeny Homozygous o Alleles the alternatives of the trait (yellow/green) o Stress is a factor of human behavior Figure 3.3 o Crosses true breeding with homozygous round seeds w/ homozygous wrinkled seeds o Plants/humans are diploid ( has 2 letters) o o F1 filial generation o See which alternative trait is dominant/recessive
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Unformatted text preview: o P parent generation o Round is dominant to wrinkled o F2 o Wrinkled reappears (1/4) o What was the heritance in that period o The progeny was in the parent o Thought at the time, the offspring was the mean btw parents o Punnett came up with the punnett squares o P RR x rr R r o F1 Rr Rr o F2 R r R RR Rr R Rr rr True breeding= homozygous o Segregation separation of the parental alleles Chromosome o 23 pairs 22 pairs of autosomes, 1 pair of sex chromosomes o 23 tetrads Figure 3.11 o Round/wrinkle & yellow/green o Round and yellow true breeding o Green and wrinkle true breeding o Gamete has to have an allele of each gene (capital letters RY) o Involves the chromosomes in meiosis o F1 heterozygous for 2 genes Independent assortment Figure 3.14...
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01.22.09 - o P parent generation o Round is dominant to...

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