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HW8 - 2 1 distribution is same as the Gamma(1/2,1/2...

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OR 3500/5500, Summer’09, Chen Homework 8 Due on Wednesday, June 17, 3pm. Problem 1 Explosive devices used in a mining operation cause nearly circular craters to form in a rocky surface. The radii of these craters are exponentially distributed with a mean of 10 feet. Find the mean and the variance of the area covered by such a crater. Problem 2 If X is a standard normal random variable, show that X 2 has a Gamma(1/2,1/2) distribution. Infer that the χ
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Unformatted text preview: 2 1 distribution is same as the Gamma(1/2,1/2) distribution. Problem 3 The length X of a side of a cube has pdf f X ( x ) = x-2 , x ≥ 1. Find the pdf of the surface area of the cube. The following problem is optional for 3500 students, mandatory for students enrolled in 5500 Problem 4 If X ∼ χ 2 n , show that ( X-n ) / √ n is approximately Normally distributed. Find the parameters of this normal distribution. 1...
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