BIO 188 Fall 2007Learning Community SyllabusA Capco

BIO 188 Fall 2007Learning Community SyllabusA Capco -...

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GENERAL BIOLOGY 188 FALL 2007 - Capco Learning Community COURSE SYLLABUS INSTRUCTOR Dr. David Capco LSC 322 Email: Use your official ASU e-mail address to contact me or it may get caught in ASU’s SPAM filter. Office Hrs: Tuesday 9:30- 10:15 and Wednesday Noon to 1:15 - or happily by appointment 480.965.7011 LECTURES T,Th in LSE 104 12:15-130PM LABS Labs meet in LSC L1-14 and LSC L1-82. Labs begin first week of classes (August 21). Teaching Assistant Contact information is listed on the Blackboard Site under Staff Information. LAB COORDINATOR Stacey Lawrence Office: LSE B18 Hours: by appointment only Phone: 480.965.6443 Email: TEXTBOOK ( I advise coming to first lecture before purchasing the Lecture book) Lecture: Life: The Science of Biology , 7 th Edition, Purves et al. Lab Manual: Available for purchase at the Bookstore on campus . Go to Next Page 1
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COURSE OBJECTIVE The topics covered in this course are: cell biology, molecular biology, metabolism, and physiology of selected tissue and organ systems. Students who successfully complete this course will have an appreciation for the complexities of biological structure and function. This course with BIO 187 serves as a gateway to more advanced courses in the life sciences by introducing students to major concepts and theories of biology. The course is also valuable for students preparing to take admissions tests for medical, dental, or veterinary medical schools. COURSE THEMES 1. DNA contains the genetic code that governs cellular function 2. The fundamental unit of life is the cell. 3. Multicellular organisms organize cells into specialized tissues and organs 4. Cell and organismal functions are regulated by control systems 5. Diseases are aberrations of normal structure and function 6. Studying what is abnormal tells us about what is normal. COURSE WEBSITE The course will use Blackboard for posting course information. Blackboard works both as a course website and as an interactive forum and is easy to navigate. Access Blackboard at . Please note that the course website is intended to be a supplement to course material, not a replacement of it. You are responsible for all material delivered in lecture and lab. Log in to Blackboard regularly to view announcements for the course. The syllabus is posted under Course Information . It is essential that you learn how to use Blackboard. If you have any questions or need help using it, please get assistance from your TA in the first lab period. ADDING THE CLASS We cannot have more than 24 students in a lab section, as there is neither the space nor equipment for more students in the lab. Therefore, there are no course overrides. However, it is our experience that students will drop the course in the first week, or will
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BIO 188 Fall 2007Learning Community SyllabusA Capco -...

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