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Chapter 4 National Exam helper. Multiple Choice 3. Cholesterol is synthesized by a. chloroplasts. b. lysosomes. c. the SER. d. the Golgi. e. mitochondria. Answer: c 7. The DNA of mitochondria 10. The cell is the basic unit of function and reproduction because 11. What is the major distinction between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? 12. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a prokaryotic cell? a. A plasma membrane b. A nuclear envelope c. A nucleoid d. Ribosomes e. Enzymes Answer: b 15. Which of the following is (are) found in prokaryotic cells?
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18. Which structure supports the plant cell and determines its shape? 19. Some bacteria are able to propel themselves through liquid by means of a structure called the 21. Ribosomes are not visible under a light microscope, but they can be seen with an electron microscope because a. electron beams have more energy than light beams. b. electron microscopes focus light with magnets. c. electron microscopes have more resolving power than light microscopes. d. electrons have such high energy that they pass through biological samples. e. living cells can be observed under the electron microscope. Answer: c
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