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24 lecture pdf - Human ecology History of human population...

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1 Human ecology History of human population growth Why our population will continue to grow for some time The ecological consequences of a huge human population Student evaluations this Thursday Final exam: May 6 at 1215 here “Plant productivity increases with rainfall as measured in dozens of places around the world. In the context of understanding biome diversity, this finding constitutes a scientific conclusion.” This statement is incorrect because A. Plant productivity is actually not correlated with rainfall. B. The hypothesis that led to this finding was that biome diversity was caused by the response of plant species to variation in rainfall. C. The statement is actually what we expect to see if rainfall affects plant productivity, in other words, the statement is a scientific prediction. D. The diversity among biomes is actually caused by differences intemperature at different latitudes of the planet. “A part of one DNA molecule contains in coded form information that when expressed produces seven different proteins. How many phenotypes are represented when the info on that one DNA molecules is actually expressed?” Why is the answer “1” incorrect? A.Because each protein = 1 phenotype, so in all there are 7 phenotypes if 7 different proteins are made. B. Because the DNA molecule has two strands and so there could be 2 kinds of each protein = 2 x 7 = 14 phenotypes. C.Because proteins are not phenotypes and therefore the correct answer is 0. D.Our DNA is found in our chromosomes, and since we have 46 chromosomes in all, we can produce 46 different phenotypes with respect to the gene that makes seven different proteins. Human population growth over 12,000 years
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2 Will human populations ever stop growing? World population will continue to grow
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24 lecture pdf - Human ecology History of human population...

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