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EEE 350, Fall 2009 Homework #3 Due Tuesday, 09/22/2009 Problem 1. An internet access provider (IAP) owns two servers. Each server has a 50% chance of being down independently of the other. Fortunately, only one server is necessary to allow the IAP to provide service to its customers, i.e., only one server is needed to keep the IAP s system up. Suppose a customer tries to access the internet on four different occasions, which are sufficiently spaced apart in time, so that we may assume that the states of the system corresponding to these four occasions are independent. What is the probability that the customer will only be able to access the internet on 3 out of the 4 occasions? Problem 2. A parking lot consists of a single row containing n parking spaces ( n 2). Mary arrives when all spaces are free. Tom is the next person to arrive. Each person makes an equally likely choice among all available spaces at the time of arrival. Describe the sample space. Obtain P ( A ), the probability the parking spaces selected by Mary and Tom are at most 2 spaces apart. Problem 3.
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