Drexel CMGT 101-2008 - week 4 key players

Drexel CMGT 101-2008 - week 4 key players - Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Construction Management CMGT 101 Instructor Douglas Carney, AIA Who are the key players? Brain storming Who are the key players? Owner End Users Architects & Engineers Investors Developer Owner's Representative Who are the key players? Government Agencies Attorneys Specialty Consultants Construction Manager (CM) General Contractor (GC) Sub-contractors Material Suppliers Real Estate Brokers Owner's Will own and operate the project when complete Can be: Developer Institution (college, hospital etc.) Government agency individuals End Users People who will occupy the project Usually have program needs Often feel unempowered Must work/use the end project result Suffer of benefit most from the completed project Architects Licensed design professional practicing in architecture Lead design professional Frequently generalist with the ability to see complex whole Responsible for aesthetic matters Engineers Licensed design professional practicing in engineering Several types: Structural Electrical Plumbing HVAC Fire Protection Controls Transportation Investor Has capital (money) Seeking a return on investment (money) Willing to invest for a return (money) or an equity stake (money) Will set terms in order to make a desired return (money) Can control project to achieve return (money) Developer Vision for projects Self confidence Persistence Chutzpah High risk tolerance Speculative Short attention span Often specialize by market segment Owner's Representative Surrogate for the owner Typically broad experience Typically significant management and technical expertise Comfortable with responsibility and exercising judgment Government Agencies Enforce laws through regulations Safety Environment Labor Commerce & trade Transportation Growth & development Administer government programs Federal, state, and local levels Attorneys Licensed professional practicing law Assist with: Contracts Property sales Zoning matters Development agreements Leases Disputes Litigation Liens & payments Specialty consultants/contractors Provide expertise regarding special systems or requirements Clean rooms Elevators Curtain wall design Structures HVAC, controls Hospitals CM Construction Manager Construction Management contract Does NOT perform work manages Advises the owner Manages the cost, the work, and contracts Supervises the GC and subs GC - General Contractor Performs general construction Self performs work Laborers Carpenters Concrete Masonry Responsible for Subs Responsible for coordination on site Subs - Subcontractors One contract level below a CM or GC Specialty trades Electrical HVAC Plumbing Elevators Glass & glazing Site work Masonry Concrete Material Suppliers Provides basic materials or complex sub assemblies to subcontractors Can be critical members of a project team - design dependant Usually specialized Real Estate Brokers Licensed professional Facilitates introductions of buyers to sellers Facilities the sale of real property Earns a fee (commission) between 3% to 6% Citizen's Groups Local residents NIMBY's Can be FOR or OPPOSED Environmental issues Noise Traffic Disruption Insurance & Bonding Companies Bonds Bid bond Performance bond Payment bond Workman's compensation Commercial general liability (CGL) Auto & Vehicle Builder's Risk Professional Liability Insurance Independent Inspector's Quality control Steel Welds & bolts Pieces & connections Rods & placement Wiring & panels Service & gear CFM & Air balance ATC & BAS Electrical HVAC Equipment owners Cranes Hoists & lifts Temporary power systems Temporary heat/cooling Welding machines Excavators Backhoes Bankers & Lenders Construction financing Short term Higher rates Flexible Interest ONLY Concerns repayment & progress of the work Long term Competitive rates Fixed Amortization of interest and principle Permanent financing Labor (workers) The men & women who do the WORK Union & Non-Union Teamwork Supervision Motivations Work ethic skills Who are the key players? Is there anyone else???? ...
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