Drexel CMGT 101-2008 - week 7 management tools

Drexel CMGT 101-2008 - week 7 management tools -...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Construction Management CMGT 380 Instructor Douglas Carney, AIA Management Tools Project Manual Purpose: To maintain a single bound document that includes the essential information for efficient management of production, communications, costs, physical resources, and finances for project success. Project Manager Initiate at the start of a project and maintain through completion of the project. Responsibility: When Required: Management Tools Scope: The following describes the items, data, material, and information that is to be included in the Project Manual THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT AND CARE MUST BE TAKEN WITH IT TO ENSURE THE INFORMATION REMAINS CONFIDENTIAL Title Pages Updated copy of the Project Data Sheet. Emergency Contact List Outline and description of data and information to be included in the Project Manual Project Manager's Project Control List Management Tools Section 1 - Production Control Schedule Updated Start Schedule, when applicable Updated Completion Schedule, when applicable Updated Delivery and Installation Schedules JOB PROGRESS SCHEDULE MUST REMAIN UPDATED AND POSTED IN THE CONTROL BOOK. Management Tools Section 1 - Production Control (continued) Meetings Copy of current and previous two Main Office Job Progress Meeting Minutes, with summary sheet on top. Copy of current plus previous two Job Progress Jobsite Subcontractor Meeting Minutes, when applicable. Any other current meeting notes and/or minutes that document or describe problems or situations which may require attention. Updated copy of status of Subcontracts. Use date of occurrence rather than a check mark to indicate action completed. Procurement Management Tools Section 2 - Cost Control Labor cost information The summary of labor cost for the most recent and two previous pay periods. Materials/Subcontracts Commitment Status The last month's Purchase Commitment Summary Report. Equipment The current copy of the construction manager's equipment charge report. Cost to Complete The most recent project manager's projected cost to complete summary. Management Tools Section 3 Financial Control: Invoicing. A copy of the last invoice submitted to the owner. Change order log. Copy of the current C/O Log Construction Cost Code Summary. Current copy of the Construction Cost Code Summary Report. Subcontractor Ledger Summary. Current copy of S/C Ledger Summary Report Management Tools Section 4 Contracts Summary sheets. Summary of status of each subcontract amount and changes. Subcontracts & Purchase Orders. Alphabetical insertion of P.M.,'s copies of subcontracts, P.O.'s, and bonds. Each subcontract is to be preceded by the summary sheet. Sub-contractor scope descriptions & notes Management Tools Section 5 Documentation: Project Manager's Project Summary Sheet (Subcontract Status) Purpose. To be used as a guide to determine that most major areas of responsibility are being addressed. Responsibility. Project Manager When Required. Initially and for project's duration Scope. Lists significant items, activities and milestones from start through completion of a project. Action required. Review periodically List the date that each area of responsibility is completed. Get results and do not procrastinate. Forms: Project Control List Management Tools Section 5 Documentation: Document control logs. Contract and P.O. Log. Requests and Changes Log Submittals Log Section 5 - Requests & Changes Log Section 5 - Requests & Changes Log Section 5 - Submittals Log Discussion, Questions & Answers Thank You! ...
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