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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 4 Lab 6: Generics Exercise 1: Generics Example: The following code defines a generic class to describe pairs of objects. a. Add code to define two mutator methods setFirst and setSecond . Each method should be void. Compile your code. public class Pair<T,S> { private T first; private S second; // instance variables public Pair (T firstElement, S secondElement) // constructor { first = firstElement; second = secondElement; } public T getFirst() { return first; } // accessors public S getSecond() { return second; } // 1. Define the two mutators here. public void setFirst(T newFirst) { first = newFirst; } // mutators public void setSecond(S newSecond) { second = newSecond; } } // end of generic class Pair b. Now that we have a class for handling general pairs of objects, we need a program to demonstrate it working. Compile and run the following demo program. import java.util.*; public class PairDemo { public static void main(String args) { Pair<String,String> famousCouple = new Pair<String,String>("Romeo", "Juliet"); System.out.println("\nThe prince is named: " + famousCouple.getFirst() ); System.out.println("The princess is named: " + famousCouple.getSecond() ); } // end of main method } // end of class Exercise 2: Trivial Pursuit. Let's teach the computer how to play trivial pursuit. Add a few pairs in which the first element is the country and the second is its capital as shown below. Add at least two pairs of your own. as shown below....
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lab6 - generics - Page 1 of 4 Lab 6 Generics Exercise 1...

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