IE251+Syllabus+(Fall+2009) - Part-1 Understanding of...

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IE251 (3- 1 -3) Manufacturing Process Innovation (Fall 2009) Class hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 10:30~12:00 AM (Korean Class: L ºx “b ), ±ab hours: Evening once a week ( to be scheduled ) ±ecturer: B.K. Choi (Rm: 2108; Tel: 3115; [email protected]) Homepage: Quick ±ink -> IE251 Menu Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30 – 2:30 PM Course Description: (Text: 21 st Century Manufacturing , and Other References) It is an introductory course on manufacturing processes, systems, and process innovation methods. The course aims to 1) provide a broad understanding on manufacturing industry, 2) expose students to manufacturing processes and automated systems in major manufacturing industries, and 3) introduce practical process innovation methods being used in industry. Accompanied with lectures are lab practices involving processing equipment (welding), automation facility (industrial robot), and software system (CAD). ±ecture Topics (±ecture will be delivered in Korean):
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Unformatted text preview: Part-1: Understanding of Manufacturing Industry ±01 Technology, Science and Business of Manufacturing ±01(a) e-Manufacturing in Automobile Industry Part-2: Manufacturing Processes and Systems ±02 Manufacturing Analysis ±03 Product Design and CAD ±04 Semiconductor & ±CD Manufacturing ±05 Metal Product Manufacturing Part-3: Automation and Information Systems for Manufacturing ±06 Automated Manufacturing Systems & Industrial Robot ±07 Manufacturing Information System (MES+) Part-4: Business Process Innovation ±08 Principles of Scientific Management (Taylor) ±09 Process Innovation Strategy at Samsung ±10 5S ±11 VE ±12 6-sigma Invited Speakers from Industry: 1-High-tech manufacturing company-Consulting company- Tech-Venture company Lab sessions: CAD(SolidWorks), Welding, Industrial Robot Grading: Quiz (30%), Exam (30%), Team Project (20%), HW (10%), u u (10%) 2...
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This note was uploaded on 09/22/2009 for the course IE IE251 taught by Professor Choe during the Spring '09 term at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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IE251+Syllabus+(Fall+2009) - Part-1 Understanding of...

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