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BMGT484 Team Proj. Propose

BMGT484 Team Proj. Propose - slides HappyLearners.com will...

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Propose #1:  FastFreshFoods.com (New Business Idea) Brief Description: A brand new business model which sells only locally grown foods through  the internet. It can cut not only the huge expenditure of running physical  store locations, but also reduce both time and distance between where  the foods are picked and where they are delivered.  Propose #2:  HappyLearners.com (New Business Idea) Brief Description: A web service similar to Blackboard. However, it uses more innovated  technologies to provide reliable distance learning programs. The  blackboard is based on 1 dimensional service such as worksheet and 
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Unformatted text preview: slides. HappyLearners.com will be running on a 2 dimensional platform which can provide live video and live discussion right through the internet. Propose #3: YourMedNow.org (New Business Idea) Brief Description: A website provides live medical service through the internet. With the latest innovated technology, the website can connect to the patients who needs regular checkups or those who have difficulty to travel with the physicians right on the spot by particular designed medical equipments....
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