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Extra Credit Assignment Overview: Attend an Employer Information Session, Brown Bag Lunch or Careers In… Panel or networking night and fill out the review worksheet. Objective: To take extra time and learn more about a particular company or career path, going above and beyond the requirements for class. Assignment Instructions: 1. Log on to HireSmith.net and choose the Events tab. 2. Evening Employer Information Sessions and Brown Bag lunches are located under the Information Sessions tab. The Careers in… panels and networking nights are located under the Workshops tab. 3. Choose an event of interest that fits your schedule, click on it and RSVP to attend.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Show up to the event dressed appropriately: Employer Info Sessions and some Brown Bag Lunches are business professional (a suit) and Careers In… Panels are casual. 5. Fill out the work sheet appropriate to your event and turn it in during class. The Employer Information Session worksheet is appropriate for both Employer Information Sessions and Brown Bag Lunches. 6. Extra Credit may be completed and submitted once. Each extra credit assignment is worth 5 points. Due Date: All Extra Credit assignments are due on or before the second to last day of class for the semester....
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