HIST2 - The Coming of War Thursday 12:09 PM Lecture Topic 1...

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The Coming of War Thursday, April 02, 2009 12:09 PM Lecture Topic: 1. 1914 a. More than 11 million people will die in 4 and half years of WWI a. Result a.i. Big inquest in how Europe fell into this major war a.i. No Russian Revolution, No Lenin, No Stalin, No Mussolini, No Hitler, No fascism without the Great War a.i. What went wrong? 1. 8 long-term causes of WWI a. Competitive state system a.i. Europe grew up as a competitive system competing in military, economy, culture, etc. a.i. Inevitable that there would be war in Europe, but no one knew how big it would end up a. Nationalism a.i. Of all isms, nationalism was most important ism during end of 19th Century a.i. Its one thing to defend your country, but you must exhaust it in order to have nationalism a.i. Type of secular religion a.i. Darwinism though arises, only fittest survive a.i. Nationalism and Competitive system intertwine with each other a. Imperialism a.i. The quest for more power a.i. Great Britain says sun never sets on the British empire a.i. Dutch increases size of empire a.i. German and French increase their territory and creates tension in Europe a.i. Imperialism made tensions stronger a. Trade Rivalry a.i. Money coming into a country a.i. Biggest rival was between GB and Germany a.i. GB first adopted Industrial Revolution a.i. By 1870, Germany had almost caught up a.i. By 1900, Germany is ahead by a huge margin a.i. GB felt Germany didn’t "play fair" a.i.1. German tribes learned African language, GB wanted Africans to learn English a.i.1. Germany would make crappy goods and mark it as "Made in GB" a.i. GB pissed at Germany for surpassing them a. Popular Journalism a.i. Many countries required kids to go to school and made literacy rates increased like crazy
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a.i. "Penny press" makes it extremely popular a.i. Sensational stories, scandals sold best a.i. Kept people worked up over many issues a.i. 1-5 is in a section of their own a.i. Notice how each category makes every other category more dangerous a. Militarism a.i. In post 1700 period, breakthroughs through military technology a.i. These two things transformed the battlefield a.i.1. Machine gun is perfected on land a.i.1.a. 2 men could control battle space in front of them for many yards a.i.1. Artillery is made much more effective, and guns are made larger, able to deliver larger shell with more damage at even faster rates and shot more accurately a.i.1. Army is now about Industrial Revolution and who can produce what kind of artillery a.i. In the navy a.i.1. Battleship was the most important ship on sea through WWII a.i.1.a.
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HIST2 - The Coming of War Thursday 12:09 PM Lecture Topic 1...

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