HIST3 - The Great War Paris Peace Conference Tuesday 12:00...

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The Great War & Paris Peace Conference Tuesday, April 14, 2009 12:00 PM Lecture Topic: 1.1914 a. Schlieffen Plan is activated in August a. Sweep through Belgium, get into Northern France and try to go into Paris, then go back to East Germany to face Russia a. Germany in good shape in first month of war a. GB and France retreat in good order a. General Joseph Joffre a.i. 5th of September, counterattack with everything France has on Marne River a.i. Known as Battle of the Marne Sep. 5-12, 1914 a.i. France holds off Germans and kills off the Schlieffen Plan a.i. Crucial battle victory for Triple Entente a. Line ran from English Channel, through France, into Switzerland a.i. Line was dug into trenches a.i.1. 3-8 feet deep a.i. Known as trench warfare a.i. Known as the line that divided Western front and Eastern front a.i. Became extremely deadly place to be a.i. Land between the trenches was known as "no man's land" a.i.1. Anyone who went into no man's land would most likely get mowed down by machine guns a.i. Line did not move within 5 miles over a span of 4 years a.i.1. Over million people died in this area a. War of stalemate began in 1914 in the west a. Germany had some battalions attack Russia a.i. Constant victory against Russia in 1914 a.i. Only thing was it was a long way to Moscow from Germany 1.1915 a. Italy is convinced to join war on side of GB/France a. Their addition did nothing to break the stalemate in the west 1.1916 a. Germany knows they have to act soon a. They adopt two weapons to sink ships that would bring supplies into GB a.i. Used submarine to sink ships a.i.1. Problem: not all ships were from countries that were not in the war a.i. France is a bit smaller than Germany a.i.1. Attack a place that France will protect no matter what a.i.1. Known as war of attrition a.i.1.a. Many men will die, but it will hurt France more than Germany
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a.i.1. Germany attacks Verdun a.i.1.a. Critical point along western front
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HIST3 - The Great War Paris Peace Conference Tuesday 12:00...

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