HIST4 - Russian Revolution Thursday 12:09 PM-Russian...

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Russian Revolution Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:09 PM *-Russian calendar behind 2 weeks of our calendar Lecture Topic: 1. Previous Russian Revolution a. Nicholas II was czar a.i. Continued industrialized revolution in Russia but was still way behind a.i. Lost Russo-Japanese war and should have been clue to not enter anymore wars a.i. Major instigator of the Great War a. By the end of 1916, major food shortages occurred in Russia a.i. Peasants couldn’t afford food a. By March 1917, there were food riots in St. Petersburg a.i. 8 March 1917, release of death reports from Great War and food riots, there was a revolt at the capital building of St. Petersburg a.i. 2 days later, the army of Russia revolted against the government a.i. 12 March 1917, Nicholas II realized it was over and stepped down as last czar a. Provisional government was formed a.i. Key person was Kerensky a.i.1. Noted in Russia as the man who made all the wrong decisions a.i.1. However, was put in a hard position 1. Kerensky a. Took over new government and made decisions a.i. On this issue of war, he wants to stay in it and help allied countries, but wanted to fight it more efficiently a.i. Said we must respect private property a.i. Must postpone elections until the war is over and were in a calmer time a.i. Decisions seemed sensible but they were in an insensible time a. Germany wanted to knock out Russia as fast as possible so they could stop fighting on two fronts a.i. Lenin escaped prison in Russia, and found hiding in Switzerland, but had to cross Germany a.i. Germany realized that sending Lenin to Russia would cause chaos a.i. Germans ordered Lenin to be sent to St. Petersburg at the Finland Station on April 16, 1917 a.i.1. Got off train and made a speech known as the April Theses a. April Theses a.i. Lenin says Russia must get out of the war a.i. No more private property a.i. All power goes to the Soviets, no need for elections a.i. Soviet a.i.1. Russian word that refers to councils a.i.1. Made up of soldiers and strikers
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a.i. Who should rule Russia? The people that suffered a.i. Truly a revolutionary speech a.i. It was what Russia wanted to hear, they didn’t want to hear Kerensky's ideas a.i. Lenin made a very smart move, he knew how to wait and be patient a.i.1. a.i.1. Lenin said time was on their side because power will fall into their hands because the current government will collapse a.i. Lenin said he and the Bolsheviks are on the right side of history a.i. Known as the February Revolutionaries* a.
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HIST4 - Russian Revolution Thursday 12:09 PM-Russian...

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