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Totalitarianism Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:02 PM Lecture Topic: 1. Fascism a. Broadly expressive movement between the two world wars a. Came to power in only two countries, Germany and Italy a. Why did it attract so many followers? a.i. Reason is due to Great War a.i. In the past, lost many loved ones, in economic slump a.i. In the front of Great War, a generation of men are dead a. European society a.i. People had more freedoms, more education, more luxuries a.i. WWI is the outcome of these things a.i. Turned against parliamentary democracy because if it cause a war to which 11 million died, they needed a change a.i. Nationalism becomes even stronger a.i. A new term arises national socialism a.i.1. The giving and sharing of possessions with others in their nation a.i. People think they need a supreme leader to do what is right in a country a.i. All of these ideas are very dangerous, yet very attractive to people during this time a. People needed to point the finger of blame at someone a. All of these things mix into fascism a. It was a solution to people in Europe, but in reality, it was terror 1. Italy a. Came out of the war in bad shape a. Joined the war with GB, France and fought poorly, did not get much from war a. Soldiers did not get respect, or jobs a. People were already depressed in the past few years in Italy a. Giolitti a.i. Leader of Italy a.i. If you leave a problem alone, it'll fix itself or it will go away on its on a. Mussolini a.i. Leader of Socialist Party Newspaper a.i. Gathered unemployed soldiers and named them the Fascist Squads a.i.1. Acted as a police force or mob a.i.1. They will take care of dirty business for people a.i. Popularity began to grow because he was the only one doing anything a.i. People believe that he couldn't be any worse than Giolitti a.i. October 1922-begin a March on Rome from all directions a.i.1. Government surrenders and is named dictator of Italy in October 31, 1922 a.i.1. Became leader because no one else was doing anything else a.i.1. Everyone thought he couldn’t be any worse (NOTE: Voted as dictator in a LEGAL MATTER!!)
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a.i. At first he moves slowly but in 1924, there becomes a crisis 1. Italy's dictatorship a. Matteotti a.i. Published a book The Fascist Exposed a.i. Was not complimentary of Mussolini a.i. As soon as it was published, Matteotti is murdered in June 1924 a.i. Assumed that one of Mussolini's people had done it a.i. Now he had to do one of two things a.i.1. Must either step down a.i.1.
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HIST5 - Totalitarianism Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:02 PM...

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