HIST6 - Germany & National Socialism Thursday, April...

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Thursday, April 23, 2009 12:08 PM Lecture Topic: 1. Tools of Totalitarianism for Germany a. Kraft durch freude (strength through joy) program a.i. Hitler would give military vacation to beach a. Blud und Boden (blood of the country) a.i. Term for glorified soldiers a.i. For women, the more children you have, the closer you become to becoming an earth mother a. Deutsche Jugend a.i. German Youth a.i. Must join when you are young a. People's Court (Volkstribunal) a.i. Notice how you commit crime against PEOPLE a. Gestapo a.i. State security police a.i. Never arrest in day time, always in night because its more terrifying, you disappear a.i. Disappear in the "nacht und nebel" (night and fog) a.i. Sent to German concentration camps a.i.1. Not death camps a.i.1. Basically a labor camp to make them die a slow, painful death a. Concordat of 1933 a.i. Hitler wants to sign Concordat with Catholic Church and Pius XI a.i. Church said if you keep hands off the catholic church, we wont worry about what you do a.i. Hitler did mess with the Catholic Church at one point, and Pius XI spoke out a.i.1. Pius XI sent a German announcement and denounced the Nazi's actions a.i. Pius XI died in 1939, and Pius XII took over a.i.1. He would never denounce the Nazis publicly like Pius XI a. German Christianity a.i. Originally, Jesus is a Jew a.i. Germany teaches that Jesus was a German and he was killed by the Jews a. Totalitarian a.i. There is a total attempt to dominate a person's life within a society a.i. If the Nazis were not successful, Hitler would have not succeeded a. Economic success a.i. When Hitler finds economic success during Great Depression, Germany gives him their allegiance 1. Jews in Germany & Their treatment a. Treatment
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a.i. Germany told them they could leave, but could not take many possessions or wealth a.i. Many did but would be caught in Hitler's web when he would conquer neighboring areas a. Nuremburg Laws of 1935 a.i. Jews were stripped of citizenship a.i. Removed from civil services, could not work for government
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HIST6 - Germany & National Socialism Thursday, April...

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