HIST7 - Summary of The Coming of War If the Great War would...

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Summary of “The Coming of War” If the Great War would have never happened, there never would have been fascism, rise of the Nazis, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, or Russian Revolution. However, due to the problems that occurred after the Great War, it would all lead to eventually World War II. Within the 4.5 year span of WWI, a total of 11 million people would die. For this section, it will focus on the long term and immediate causes of the Great War. 8 LONG-TERM CAUSES: There were 8 long term causes of the Great War (will be in bold). Europe had a huge competitive state system. With countries competing for things from military, to economy, to culture, tensions would eventually build. Nationalism was the biggest –ism during this time period. People would not only defend their nation, but exhaust their pride. People acted like it was a type of secular religion. It gave the impression that their country was better than any other country, which resulted in tensions growing stronger. The thirst for more power and expanding their empire was known as imperialism. Countries, such as GB, France, and Germany, had colonies in Africa, but they wanted more. They wanted the biggest empire in the world, and nothing would get in their way of stopping them. Trade rivalry became another huge issue in the coming of the war, especially between GB and Germany. GB was the first to acquire an Industrial Revolution in the mid 18 th century. However, by 1900, Germany had surpassed GB by a huge margin. This was a result of Germans learning African languages in which they traded with. GB forced them to learn English. Also, Germany would make poor goods and label it as “made in GB.” GB called this unfair play, Germany saw it as strategy. Popular journalism kept people worked up over stories about other countries. Printing was cheap and reporters tended to exaggerate over small stories so that people could keep their interest. All of these things intertwine when it comes to long term causes, however, there were still a few more. Militarism had vast improvements in both the battlefield and on the sea. Machine guns had large improvements. Now, 2 men could control battle space in front of them for many yards. Artillery also had vast improvements. It was now more effective; guns were larger which meant
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HIST7 - Summary of The Coming of War If the Great War would...

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