HIST11 - The Dark Valley of the 1930s Tuesday, April 28,...

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The Dark Valley of the 1930s Tuesday, April 28, 2009 12:03 PM Lecture Topic: 1. WWII a. September 1, 1939 a.i. Germany invades Poland by "blitzkrieg" a.i.1. Meant lightning warfare a.i. One of the few good things to come out of the invasion of Poland was that the Polish managed to decode and steal the German's coding machine, known as the enigma a.i.1. Called it that because it was a puzzle that could not be solved a.i.1. Polish stole 3 enigma machines a.i.1. Without the enigma and breaking of the code, it would have been impossible to beat Germany a.i. Unlike WWI fought in the trenches, this war was highly mobile 1. Technology before WWII a. Tank a.i. Way to defeat machine gun that was heavily armored a.i. Weapon mounted on tank a.i. Does not move very fast, but heavily armored before WWI a.i. But during 1930s, tanks were more armored and move faster a.i. Want to move the soldiers with the tank a.i. Charles Degaulle a.i.1. Came up with strategy to move a group of tanks in one group a. Dive Bomber a.i. Small, fast plane that would dive right above its target, drop the bomb, and go up as fast as they could a.i. The combination of dive bombers and tanks made an unstoppable force a. Radar a.i. The British invented the radar and able to barely stop the German invasion a. Atomic Bomb a.i. Developed in secret case in New Mexico under the name Manhattan Project a.i. 3 bombs were made, tested 1st out in New Mexico 1. Fight in the West a. Hitler attacked the west in March 1940 a. And the only thing Germany had left was to invade GB in the west, but he needed control in the air a. Summer of 1940 was all about gaining the air 1. Fight in the East a. Huge mistake Hitler made
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a.i. Hitler invades Russia a.i. June 1941, Hitler initiated Operation Barbarossa a.i. Germany had to cross into Siberia in order to get to the factories thanks to the planning of Stalin a.i. Germany would be heavily affected in the 1940s because of distance and the Russian winter a. Anyone at this time would have bet against Hitler even though he had most of USSR, all of Europe except GB a.i. This was because he would have to face the two most powerful industrial countries, USSR and in December 7,1941, USA a.i. US attacked by Japan in Pearl Harbor
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HIST11 - The Dark Valley of the 1930s Tuesday, April 28,...

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